At Home Workouts

If you're looking for something to get you moving during lockdown, here are some free, no equipment, mostly beginner workouts you can do safely at home, in your living room, garden or wherever suits you! (All tried and tested by me in Lockdown 1!)

Share any workouts you've enjoyed doing from home with us in the comments!


Absolute Beginners HIIT Workout | The Body Coach | Joe Wicks

A great first workout for a HIIT beginner!


Workout 1: 15 Minute Home Workout | The Body Coach Beginner Workout Series

This 7-day series is really good for anyone who (like me) gets easily bored of the same workouts and needs the structure to motivate them to get moving!


Day 1 | 7 Days of Sweat Challenge | The Body Coach TV

Another one that’s ideal for anyone who likes the challenge of a series!


16 Minute Hotel HIIT Workout | Low Impact | No Noise | The Body Coach

Great for if you need a low impact, no noise workout during lockdown, so your neighbours and anyone you live with won’t hear you!


Get that Toned Legs & Round Booty Workout | Hourglass Program

Most Chloe Ting workouts can be done on their own or part of one of her programmes which you can find on her website - - These programmes are great for keeping you motivated or helping you reach any specific goals!


Booty Burn Workout – 15 Min


Full Body No Jumping Workout to Burn Fat | Burn Thigh Fat Low Impact Cardio

No jumping! Again, great for anyone who needs a no noise workout during lockdown!


10 Min Upper Body & Arms Workout | Beginner Friendly No Equipment

A nice one to do when you’re not feeling 100%!


Physical Activity can be great for your mental and physical health!

Mental Health Benefits:

1. Happier moods

2. More Confidence & better self-esteem

3. Better sleep

4. Helps with managing stress and anxiety

5. Increased energy levels

Physical Health Benefits:

1. HIIT can burn a lot of calories in a short amount of time

2. HIIT helps you build many muscle groups

3. HIIT improves oxygen and blood flow

4. HIIT can help lower blood pressure and blood sugar

5. HIIT can also help you lose weight (If that’s your goal!)

It’s important to remember, physical activity isn’t always helpful for everyone’s mental health! If you find that physical activity isn’t working for you right now be gentle with yourself and try out some other ways of caring for yourself, like relaxation, mindfulness and getting into nature!

Share any workouts you’ve enjoyed doing from home over lockdown with us in the comments!

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